Well I think I already put in my about me section that I love photography and one of my favourite things to do is meet up with one of my closest friends who happens to be studying photography and have picture taken, or take picture of her. I find I learn from her, but I’m also a massive photoshop tutorial nerd and can happily sit in my room for hours on end watching videos or reading articles on new and different editing techniques. Over the last couple of days I’ve been looking into how to create an older feel to a picture, with a retro/vintage influence. So I grabbed one of the pictures Toni had taken of me and jumped into photoshop.

This is the website and page I followed to originally start the pictures, and it really is rather a good tutorial with a descent level of detail for those who don’t know their way around photoshop too well.


The only real things I added to this photo once completing the stages in the tutorial were:

1. First I added lens flares, I don’t know what it is about them but I do like adding them to pictures that I don’t want to have that perfectly finished look.Channelmixer

2. Making it black and white. I don’t like just using saturation for the colour so I find that going into Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer and in this case I used the orange filter in the drop down menu but you can have a look at the different options and pick one you prefer.Channelmixerblack and white

3. Last I added a scratch effect to the surface of the picture, this can be achieved by finding an image with scratched on, and making a new layer with it. I used this one:


From there I altered the level which is in Image > Adjustments > Levels then moved the centre marker is a little more to the right. Change this layer to Soft Light and drop the Opacity. In this picture I dropped it to 26% but you might want yours a little high depending on the brightness of your picture, mines pretty dark.

black and white + scratches

And there you go the finished picture. And a tune to go with it.

*Insert cheesy farewell*